Time to Surface

About your community

Exploring Community
Every community around the world is connected by their relationship with water and the drive to explore. Join us to build a better understanding of the role of water in the story of our lives and ways that we can engage above and below the water line.
Exploring People
Throughout Human history our drive to explore has shaped the understanding of our communities and our environment. Too often exploration is revealed through extraordinary projects with difficult logistics where the stakes are high. The truth is that the type of exploration that has shaped our understanding or our world have been explorations with a small "e". Explorations undertaken by ordinary people that began with ordinary curiosity. Join us to find the explorer within.
Exploring Ideas
Every Exploration begins with an idea and ideas help us make sense of the world around us. In Lakes, Rivers, Underground Caverns and Oceans the liquid world is one of the least explored mediums on our planet. Be part of the conversation, share ideas, and engage. Help dispel the myths, highlight the hidden and connect people to the water that surrounds them.

Exploring Better Communities Above and Below the Waterline