In the Era of COVID – Mental Health for your Community



Whether your personal Mental Health is good, great or not so much, the pandemic continues to have a profound effect on our communities.  It is clear that the impacts on our mental health and sense of psychological safety are a significant part of the experience.


Our communities have demonstrated resilience in the face of adversity, but that reservoir of resilience is often replenished by the time we spend with our friends and colleagues when we come together in person.


This resource of mutual support is something many of us do not have access to in the same way during this new normal.


So much is out of our collective and individual control at the moment, so we asked the question: what is within our locus of control and what can we do now to support ourselves and each other?  


This workshop puts you at the center of developing tools and strategies that can help.


In the workshop we will explore:


                                                Individual & Community Strategies for Resilience 

                                                Transferable Skills and How to Apply Them 

                                                Remaining Connected and Providing Support

                                                Managing Psychological Safety when Returning to Work



Please join us to continue the discussion.